Creamy Caramels

The vanilla caramel has always been our most popular item.  Handmade in small batches, we use Madagascar vanilla for a traditional rich, buttery taste. This is the caramel you've been waiting for!

The perfect choice for the discriminating nut lover!  Starting with our vanilla caramel, we add roasted, lightly salted walnuts!

 Locally roasted, coarsely chopped coffee beans are added to our wonderful vanilla base.

An island favorite!

Slow cooked with real cinnamon sticks, our smoked cinnamon caramels have just the perfect amount of island spice with warm undertones!  

Our bite-size version of southern pecan pie, these caramels have the perfect amount of roasted, lightly salted pecans!

This the cornerstone of our business, the caramel that started it all!

Thirty (2 bite) pieces = $20/ LB

Sixty (1 bite) pieces =   $22/ LB

Come visit us at the shows for special pricing!

To order, please call us (586)219-4982 or use the form on the Contact Us page.

Candy by Jamie 2013